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About Us

KIK was born in the 2015 from its founding partners who had been working in the Research Industry and Business Strategy field for over 20 years.

In time, KIK has become one of the most dynamic and respected companies in the field of market research not only in Italy but internationally. This is due to the provision of the latest research methodologies combined with an excellent client service and a passion for quality

KIK, standing for Keys to Innovation and Knowledge, provides you new keys to grow the value of your business.

KIK’s Assets

Focus group facilities in all major Italian cities

Team of experienced recruiters specialized in various sectors (retail, healthcare, luxury, automotive etc.)

50 CATI positions

Use of advanced software for performing Online / mobile projects for both qualitative and quantitative

1,500 interviewers both qualitative and quantitative, internally trained

CAPI available in all the regions

21 regional supervisors

Dedicated Mystery Shopping department with over 3,000 trained shoppers throughout the country, covering even the   small peripheral towns

Team of experienced coders