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Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics

Characterized by great vitality even in times of crisis, in recent years the beauty has seen high growth rates in all markets. In order to understand its dynamics is essential to study in-depth the cultural and social changes taking place, which have a profound impact on people’s aspirations, habits and lifestyles. Our continuous analysis of this industry enables us to give you back not only a comprehensive overview of its current situation, but also insights on its most plausible evolutionary scenarios, to let you take decisions based on hard data. 

We avail you in determining the degree of your customers’ satisfaction: if they feel “beautiful” thanks to the use of your products, they will certainly become loyal to your brand. By means of feasibility studies, we can identify new channels and innovative packaging solutions. Through targeted research we identify new needs on which to base the concept of a new product.

Mystery shopping is recommended to check your sales network, the courtesy of your staff, and to carry out benchmark analyses on the promotion of your products versus those of your competitors in multi-brand stores. The other main methodologies we use are: in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, shelf tests, product tests and smell tests.