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Who we are

We are KIK., a cutting-edge Market Research Institute and a Strategic Consulting Firm.

With our work, we provide you new keys to grow your value.

Quality is our Business plan.


Mystery Shopping

The everyday relationship between people and brands occurs through a complex and articulate interaction with the most diverse touchpoints. (…)

Quantitative Research

Our state-of-the-art techniques rely on solid math and statistic expertise, paired with a profound know-how of the diverse types of research. (…)

Qualitative Research

With our innovative methods we study in depth behaviours, perceptions and attitudes of your customers or users. (…)


As an integral part of a marketing strategy and as a fundamental tile to communicate and promote a brand’s values and business, we organize for you any type of event. (…)

Training & Coaching

According to your needs and requirements we can develop specific formation programs, making available to you experts such as trainers, coaches and psychologists. (…)



Launch of new collections, cross selling, after-sales services. Planning a strategy in the luxury industry requires a multi-pronged approach, calling for diverse competences concerning product, communication and client management. (…)

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We help you to understand decision making processes affecting the purchasing behaviour at the point of sale, either directly in-store or in simulated environments (in-test location). (…)

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Beauty & Cosmetics

Characterized by great vitality even in times of crisis, in recent years the beauty has seen high growth rates in all markets. In order to understand its dynamics is essential to study in-depth the cultural and social changes taking place, which have a profound impact on people’s aspirations, habits and lifestyles. (…)

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We have the tools to grow your competitive advantage in an industry that requires cross-cutting approaches and clear-cut strategies of intervention in the areas of production, distribution and retail, as well as a thorough knowledge of technological issues and often complex regulations. (…)

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The competitive landscape for financial services has expanded considerably in recent years. (…)

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Food & Beverages

Consumers every day more demanding and careful about the origin of the ingredients, increasingly restrictive regulations to allergens and labelling, continuously evolving sales channels, deeply diverse cultures and traditions interacting with each other in the global market. (…)

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Whether you want to evaluate the popularity of your car, measure the success of the marketing campaign of your latest motorcycle or investigate the loyalty of your customers, we provide you the data you need to successfully position yourselves versus your competitors. (…)

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To ensure an experience up to the expectations of the most advanced customers, brands in the fashion industry must now know how to play ahead of their competitors, aiming at the same time to maximize the loyalty towards the brand through flawless customer service and an integrated and enticing communication. (…)

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Thanks to the disruptive and pervasive impact of digital platforms, media have been rapidly evolving into a dynamic industry, interconnected on a global scale. (…)

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