We are KIK, a cutting-edge market research institute and a strategic consulting firm.
With our work, we provide you new keys to grow your value.

Our expertise

Starting from your goals, we collect complex data from your market and analyse them with state-of-the-art research methodologies. We derive meaningful information that will allow you to take major decisions with confidence. Furthermore, we support you in implementing your strategies by structuring and delivering training and coaching programs with a solid, measurable impact on your value chain.

Mystery Shopping

The everyday relationship between people and brands occurs through a complex and articulate interaction with the most diverse touchpoints. Understanding how these touchpoints are perceived and appraised by the customer is crucial in order to deliver integrated and rewarding experiences. Thanks to our mystery shopping services, we can make you “see” your brand through the eyes of your customers and allow you to monitor the actions of your resources.

Mystery Visits

How could you evaluate the efficiency of your sales force, their courtesy towards your customers and the perceived quality of your products and services? Thanks to our experienced mystery shoppers, we are the vantage point to gather targeted information during incognito visits in your stores. Our analyses gauge the degree of satisfaction of your customers and provide suggestions on how to improve performances.

Mystery Calls

What does your staff offer to your customers at the receiver? Do they provide correct information? Are prospects encouraged to purchase? Is the contact quick and effective? With our mystery call service we enable you to evaluate the experience of your prospects and customers during a telephone call, to ensure that it lives up to their expectations


We collect data at your point of sale to reassure you about your compliance to laws and regulations and to verify that signs, signage and promotional information are in good order and correctly displayed (signage audit). Furthermore, we pay visits to the stores of your competitors to assess the pricing of their products and services.

Store Checks

We carefully monitor your stores in order to verify the quality achieved by your sales network. Our researchers work with utmost professionalism and accuracy to collect data related to product placement, packaging, pricing, promotions and overall communication strategy.

Quantitative Research

Our state-of-the-art techniques rely on solid math and statistic expertise, paired with a profound know-how of the diverse types of research. Besides traditional methods of paper-based data collection, we resort as well to fixed or mobile devices through cloud platforms, thanks to our partnership with industry leaders. This way we are able to guarantee the robustness and reliability of the information we provide you, to derive the insights most relevant to your challenges.

CATI Interviews

Thanks to our CATI centre, well equipped with thirty operational units, which can be increased according to your needs, we fully support you in the ideation and development of questionnaires, in the implementation of phone interviews and in the extraction and analysis of collected data.

CAWI Interviews

This web-based surveying technique allows to share with the interviewees pictures, videos and other multimedia formats related to your products and services or those of your competitors, thus encouraging a more direct and spontaneous feedback.

In home interviews

Through this field research technique, we help you better understand the context of use of your products and services, define in detail the lifestyles of your clients, and detect potential room for improvement to better satisfy their needs.

CLT interviews

We set dedicated environments in our equipped locations to conduct central location tests, shelf tests and eye-tracking tests with the help of customers specifically hired for the purpose.

Qualitative Research

With our innovative methods we study in depth behaviours, perceptions and attitudes of your customers or users. Through our qualitative techniques we are able to make you listen to the voice of whoever chooses and uses your products, to suggest you the most authentic and impactful innovation strategies.

Phone or face-to-face in-depth interviews (TDI or IDI)

We make our competences available to you in interviews with customers, experts and prospects about relevant themes: from brand perception to offering positioning, along with studies on habits and lifestyles.

Focus Groups and Mini Groups

We are able to provide you a relevant and specific sample of participants to be involved in discussion and focus groups on your products and services. We support you by tracing the guidelines of the discussion and by assisting you in hosting it, in order to extract from it the most relevant insights to improve your market performance. We offer locations equipped with audio video gear for simultaneous translations and one-way mirror.


We manage for you online platforms for a daily collection of personal information and notes. These materials prove invaluable for inferring opinions and behaviours of people. Diaries are an effective technique when it comes to evaluate frank answers of the interviewed sample.

Ethnographic Research

We collect information in the real-world, observing people in their relationship with your products and services to understand habits, behaviours and desires they would never talk about. We make use of cameras to record spontaneous situations and interactions, to be able to analyse them at a later time.

Bulletin Board

We put you in direct contact with your customers and prospects through online sharing and interaction platforms. Bulletin boards are effective tools to let you know more closely the behaviours and needs of your target segment.

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