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How the Audit service works

The Audit is a consultancy-based activity aimed at achieving effective business, creating value and improving sales phases and activities. It is a set of procedures implemented to verify that the company’s internal processes work effectively, that roles, responsibilities and duties are clear, that company and regulatory policies are correctly pursued and implemented.

For the delicate task of investigating internal aspects of corporate management and governance, it is important that auditing activities are carried out in collaboration with staff, personnel and the various departments. Only in this way will it be possible to guarantee a comprehensive and clear data collection that will allow areas of risk, missing targets, deviations from standards to be highlighted and thus enable proper planning of interventions and solutions to be implemented.

Everything you need to know about the Audit service

The audit is aimed at any business that has a complex structure, with several points of sale, owned shops, franchisees, etc., both nationally and internationally.

The audit, in this complex system, is the most suitable tool to evaluate and monitor the appropriateness of the measures taken by the head office, verify the implementation and effectiveness of the codified procedures and detect compliance with corporate standards and guidelines.

Thanks to a well-established relationship of mutual trust, we collaborate with professional Auditors throughout the national and European territory. Through their work and professionalism, we carry out targeted, unbiased and transparent point-of-sale surveys to ensure compliance with necessary rules and regulations.

We check, either once or on a regular basis, that signs, signage and promotional information are in perfect condition and displayed correctly (signage audit).

We objectively evaluate every aspect of the points of sale according to specific parameters also as part of incentive programmes.

We also collect data and information useful for the continuous improvement of your business and for the purposes of follow-up surveys.

In KIK.’s approach, each of the possible executions of the Auditing activities is developed in 4 well-structured phases:

  1. Audit Planning. Through direct and continuous contact with the customer, approaches, procedures and objectives of the activity are defined. This phase leads to a check-list that will guide the Auditors’ work.
  2. Data Collection. Our Auditors proceed with the systematic collection of the required data and evidence, following patterns, indications and methods (check-lists) agreed upon with the customer.
  3. Through close and fruitful cooperation between our Auditors and the internal team, we proceed with data processing, including the use of sophisticated tracking and analysis systems. Where required, we compare the data collected with company standards in order to objectively indicate any deviations from them.
  4. Reporting and Data Return. At the end of the analysis, we produce a clear and readable report, where we also indicate areas of intervention or risk and suggest possible intervention or corrective actions.

QUALITY IS OUR BUSINESS PLAN: We apply the highest control and quality standards to guarantee a structured and regulated approach to each phase, with the purpose of evaluating and improving all the steps and activities of the points of sale.

The scope of an Audit is broad and may be specifically shaped around the customer’s needs.

At KIK., after a discussion with the customer, we define the needs that have emerged in a structured, objective and measurable check-list and draw up an action plan based on the number of points of sale or businesses involved.

The purposes of an Audit are many and among them the most common are:

  • Identification of aspects related to the management, administration and sales activity in the various points of sale;
  • Checking of compliance with and implementation of company rules, procedures and regulations;
  • Data collection for the purposes of incentive and reward programmes;
  • Checking of promotional and regulatory signage;
  • Survey of company prices and policies – to verify that they are in line with those of competitors;
  • Compliance with company quality criteria and standards;

In view of the objectives, we act proactively to provide timely inputs that may also be implemented for subsequent surveys.

We operate throughout the national territory thanks to a network of partners able to cover the different Italian areas and regions.

We also have strong partnerships enabling us to act successfully in the international arena.