Our experience in the Retail field

Thanks to the strong and established experience in the retail sector, we help our customers understand the decision-making process influencing purchase behaviours in the point of sale, both directly in-store and in simulated environments (in-test location) through the customised combination of the research methodologies we employ.

Regardless of the method applied and the purpose of the survey, we explain the results of the research carried out in this field through a series of mathematical-statistical indicators, that enable to both understand the absolute positioning of the brand with respect to the various parameters and to compare it with the scores of other brands. Thanks to this it is also possible to make a comparison between one’s own points of sale and those of competitors.

The application of research in the Retail field may take place for various purposes: to survey the results of an innovation introduced on the methods and techniques for customer relationship management, to obtain prospective indications on how to fill gaps or highlight critical aspects, to evaluate the attractiveness of a new packaging or the effectiveness of the marketing strategies implemented.

The research methodologies that best suit the Retail field

Starting from the customer’s objectives, we apply and combine Mystery shopping, Eye-tracking, Shelf test, Packaging test, Signage audit, Price audit, Shop-along, Mobile ethnography, Cross-channel shopping study services and Path-to-purchase observations.

We carry out complex projects for the relevant stores or supermarkets that involve the analysis of both customers and their customer journey and the performance of the sales network.

Furthermore, we offer services to measure the effectiveness of communication and packaging, staff competence, quality of the service offered and much more.