Luxury & Fashion

Our experience in the Luxury & Fashion field

Our experience in the Luxury & Fashion field ranges from clothes to footwear, from cosmetics to fragrances, from hotels to luxury cars.

We work for well-established brands or for young and promising startups working both nationally and internationally.

We are consolidating our knowledge of the influential Gen Z, the new generation that most preponderantly “sets law” in Fashion, Luxury, brands and consumption. This generation increasingly cares about sustainability, an unavoidable issue that is also being pursued by luxury brands chosen and promoted by young people.

In an increasingly digital-driven world, Luxury and Fashion companies cannot do without adopting a multi-platform approach capable of involving the different media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Tiktok. Indeed, among consumers’ desires is the wish to be able to interact at all times with the various brands and with the content they promote.

Operating in the Luxury and Fashion field requires a multi-faceted strategic planning that implies the acquisition of specific product skills and an analysis of the core business of the brand being investigated.

Creating meaningful experiences appears essential for differentiation in a highly competitive environment. At the same time, however, it is important to grasp the social and cultural evolutions that affect environmental awareness/responsibility and global ethics.

The research methodologies that best suit the Luxury & Fashion field

Mystery Shopping, Store Check, In-Depth Interview and Focus Group (even online) are the most successful methodologies we use to help create fruitful interactions with customers and improve the brand perception.