TDI Interviews – Telephone In-depth Interviews

IDIs (In-Depth Interviews) are a qualitative survey technique that involves an in-depth individual interview aimed at collecting information and descriptive data on products, behaviours, situations, techniques, sectors, processes, etc.

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What does the TDI interview service consists of

IDIs are interviews that explore the topics being investigated to gain a deep and detailed knowledge of them.

For successful IDIs, the selection of the respondent(s) is of great importance. In fact, the selection of respondents must be accurate and targeted so that the chosen sample responds correctly to the parameters related to the very objective of the survey.

Equally important is the role of the moderator who, in addition to the training and psychological skills required to ensure the active participation of the respondent and the free expression of opinions and views, must have a specific background related to the survey topic. This is the only way in which he/she will be able to raise questions to go deeper into the topic in question, also on the basis of insights arising during the discussion itself. Indeed, although there is a guide that the moderator follows, the structure of the IDI is flexible and may be adjusted as the discussion proceeds, so as to avoid leaving out areas deemed appropriate for the respondent.

Since this is an in-depth interview, the moderator has the chance to get to the root causes of the respondent’s likes/dislikes, perceptions or beliefs.  Through psychological techniques the moderator tries to gain a deeper perspective of the topic and fully understand the respondent’s point of view, also thanks to the possibility to develop a relationship with the respondent, making him/her feel at ease. In this way, it is possible to obtain honest feedback and to note expressions and body language, signals that can be rich qualitative data.

As a consequence, the output of such interviews are detailed reports, also including interpretations that the moderator is able to provide about the information, attitudes and considerations provided by the interviewed sample. The aim is to reach a comprehensive and overall view of the topic that goes beyond the meaning explicitly expressed in the discussion.

All you need to know about TDI Interviews

IDIs allow to deeply understand consumers’ behaviour, the way they make decisions and purchases. Therefore, they are really important when a company needs to define or rebuild its marketing strategies both in relation to products or services and to communication, promotion and sales channels.

IDIs allow to know the perceptions and experience of current and potential consumers, for which they are crucial for those who want to know and deepen on their brand’s perception, the positioning of their offer also in comparison with competitors, the habits and lifestyles of their reference target.

In the case of B2B companies, IDIs are a tool for investigating technical aspects and processes. It will be possible to gain a more detailed understanding of the demand and of the process of design and development of products, services, also verifying the actual needs and requests of customers, providers and the market in general.

We offer the expertise of our experienced moderators to handle in-depth interviews with customers, prospects and experts on relevant topics: from brand perception to offer positioning to the study of habits and lifestyles.

We take care of the identification and selection of target respondents, their sourcing, and the drafting of the interview outline, ranging from B2C for consumer or luxury products and services, to specific B2B areas for medical, technological or industrial products and services.

We collect feedback from the interviews and combine it for you into concise insights for business needs.

In-depth interviews allow to obtain detailed information on the respondents’ experience, feelings and perspectives. They allow to collect useful data to focus on important details of the survey topic.

When facing a problem, IDIs allow to deeply evaluate the different possible solutions or to identify new ones through the words and inputs coming from the respondents themselves.

Thanks to the detailed collection of the respondents’ opinions and the observation of their behaviour, IDIs allow to explore new ideas and contexts that give the researcher a complete overview of the phenomena under investigation.

Thanks to the exchange with key figures in the sector being investigated, IDIs are a tool for identifying new possible areas of development or for gathering insights to optimise the business directions in which one is going or planning to go.

Thanks to our moderators and our Panel of respondents we can conduct IDIs on the whole national territory, reaching even the smallest towns in Italy.

Our trusted international partnerships enable us to professionally interview B2B and B2C respondents of all European nationalities and beyond.