Beauty and Cosmetics

Our experience in the Beauty & Cosmetics field

Beauty & Cosmetics is a sector characterised by great vitality and dynamism, to the extent that it does not seem to stop even in times of crisis. To understand its evolution, it is essential to study in depth the ongoing cultural and social changes, that have a deep impact on people’s aspirations, habits and lifestyles.

From the emergence of e-commerce to the growing popularity of new generation products (green/bio/vegan, cruelty-free, but also Korean and Japanese), from the increasing demand for a customised offer and skin routine to the transformation of self-care into a media and social moment, the sector has been subject to continuous evolution and keeping up with the times is an unavoidable necessity for success and competitiveness.

At KIK. we have an established experience in the field and the continuous analysis of new trends allows us to provide not only a complete overview of the current situation, but also insights on the most realistic development to make evidence-based decisions.

We are able to grasp the full picture of customer satisfaction, to identify new development channels and innovative packaging, to catch new needs on which to build the concept of a new product or a marketing campaign.

The research methodologies that best suit the Beauty & Cosmetics field

Mystery Shoppingis recommended for checking the sales network and staff courtesy, as well as benchmarking the promotion of products against those of competitors in multi-brand shops. The other main methodologies we use are: In-Depth Interviews, Focus Groups (even online), Ethnographic Research, Shelf Tests, Product Tests and Smell Tests.