Focus Group and Mini Group

Focus groups and mini groups are a qualitative survey methodology in which a group of people, chosen on the basis of predefined parameters, are involved in a discussion concerning a product , service, advertisement or concept, with the aim of providing relevant information from the current and potential market.

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How the Focus Group and Mini Group services work

Focus Groups and Mini Groups represent a qualitative survey methodology widely used in marketing.

A group of people, pre-selected on the basis of specific parameters relevant and pertinent to the research topic, is called to appear at a certain date and time in a given location. Generally, this is a location, i.e. a special space with two rooms; one where the discussion takes place and where the group is located and the other one next to it, where it is possible to watch the discussion through a one-way mirror without interfering with the group dynamic and influencing its development.

Depending on the number of participants we distinguish between Focus Group (4 to 8 participants in general) and Mini Group (3 persons: Triad, 2 persons: Dyad). The number of participants is defined on the basis of the purpose of the investigation without neglecting the fact that the richness of the data collected derives from the interaction of the people and their mutual reactions, requests and responses.

The success of a Focus Group or Mini Group is in fact linked to the triggering of the group dynamic and the interactivity of the discussion among the participants.

To this purpose, the role of the moderator, a professional figure with psychological training and abilities, is fundamental. Indeed, this person will not only be responsible for leading the discussion by following an agreed outline (based on the objectives of the survey) but will also guarantee everyone’s contribution and free expression. Through free discussion or open questions, the moderator collects a series of data on people’s behaviour, perceptions, attitudes, motivations and points of view. This is qualitative data that cannot be measured directly but must be interpreted by the moderator himself.

Focus Groups or Mini Groups can also be conducted online. By sharing a simple link, it is possible to access virtual platforms allowing respondents and moderator to see and talk to each other in real time. Such platforms have no restrictions on the conduct of the survey other than presence only. However, they have a number of logistical advantages and organisational simplifications, besides the possibility of cost optimisation.

Everything you need to know about Focus Groups and Mini Groups

Focus Groups or Mini Groups are the qualitative methodology suitable for all companies that want to successfully compete in the market and stand out from competitors for their offer.

Focus Groups or Mini Groups are the way forward for companies that want to catch growth opportunities and improve their business ahead of others.

Whether it is the development of a new product, service or packaging; the optimisation of marketing and communication campaigns; the investigation of Brand and Value Identity, or a deeper understanding of current and potential consumers, Focus Groups and Mini Groups are among the most important and potential tools available for companies.

We can provide a relevant and targeted sample of people to be involved in product and/or service discussion groups. We draw the guidelines of the discussion to achieve the required objectives and deepen all the necessary aspects. We conduct the group discussion through experienced moderators so as to stimulate conversation and encourage the free expression of opinions by respondents. We then extrapolate the most relevant evidence and insights from the focus groups using the psycho-social skills of our experts to turn them into concrete input for improving products, services and market performance. We provide audio-video-equipped locations for simultaneous translations, one-way mirrors and streaming service, in multiple locations in Italy and beyond. We also have an exclusive service for transcriptions and simultaneous translations.

Focus Groups or Mini Groups allow to directly hear the voice of the reference target, both current and potential. From the ideas, opinions, considerations expressed in the group it is possible to extrapolate insights and information for companies that intend to effectively compete in the market. Through the discussions and interactions taking place in Focus Groups or Mini Groups we grasp and deepen insights into:

  • new business and market opportunities;
  • unmet needs and expectations;
  • advantages and disadvantages of products/services and their use;
  • development of new products, services or packaging;
  • effectiveness of communication or marketing campaign;
  • perception of the brand and its values;
  • purchase dynamics and decision-making processes;
  • etc.

Thanks to our contacts we can arrange Focus Groups and Mini Groups from Northern to Southern Italy thanks to locations and a panel of respondents covering the whole country.

Our strong international partnerships allow us to effectively and successfully manage Focus Groups and Mini Groups even in all European and Extra-European countries (i.e. Japan, Korea and USA).