Finance and Insurance

Our experience in the Finance & Insurance field

In an increasingly competitive market in the field of finance and insurance services it is important to try and create cutting-edge offers, keeping pace with what the market proposes and in line with customers’ needs. Indeed, the great ease of access to information by consumers implies a necessary definition of differentiated products and as customised as possible, as well as an increased transparency of messages and communication processes.

The important role of market research in this sector is now well established, as it allows to verify in the field, putting oneself in the shoes of the client, aspects that could hardly be assessed using traditional inspection tools.
The attitude of the consultant towards the customer, the quality of the information provided verbally (as well as the delivery of a formal offer), the ability to respond to customer doubts, the language used, and the analysis of the customer’s needs are just some of the many aspects that may be verified and assessed with the surveys we propose, using state-of-the-art, tailor-made research methodologies.

The experience we have gained in the field enables us to offer new insights into planning an effective marketing strategy and tools to improve the customer experience.
Our financial experts support customers in analysing market trends and consumer behaviour.

The research methodologies that best suit the Finance & Insurance field

For researching in the Finance & Insurance field we use qualitative and quantitative methodologies including Mystery Visits, In-Depth and Face-to-Face Interviews, Online Focus Groups, Bulletin Boards and CATI interviews to give the involved customers a real-time picture of their customers’ perception and reactions.

Moreover, the results of our surveys allow to create winning strategies to be translated into increasingly effective and competitive products and services.