Cawi (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) and Cati (computer assisted telephone interview) interviews

CATI is the acronym of Computer Assisted Telephone Interview; it is in fact a quantitative survey method based on data and information gathering through telephone interviews.

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How do Cawi and Cati Interview Services Works

CATI and CAWI interviews are 2 quantitative survey methodologies allowing the collection of huge amounts of data over a limited period of time.

In CATIs, an operator contacts the respondent – according to previously agreed availability – and administers him a questionnaire. The operator uses software both for administering the questionnaire and for collecting the answers.

The sequence of questions is established in advance and may not be modified, so as to ensure uniformity and standardisation in the administration by the various operators.

The role of the operator is important as he guarantees the complete and correct filling out of the questionnaire, avoiding that some answers are omitted or the meaning of some question is not properly understood.

The software used when conducting the CATI interviews allows to keep constant track of the survey quotas and any geographical representativeness of the interviewed target group.

As this is a telephone interview, it is not possible to share audio-visual prompts with the respondent.

CATIs allow a high quality of the collected data, accuracy and precision, as well as a continuous monitoring of the interview progress.

In CAWIs, data collection takes place via the web. Through software, a link is sent to each respondent, who can fill out the questionnaire independently via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Since this is an online questionnaire, it is possible to include images or videos that the respondent can access by connecting to the link.

The predefined questionnaire is programmed on software that allows real-time data collection and quota tracking.

This methodology makes it possible to reach a large number of respondents in a very short time frame. People may fill out the questionnaire independently and may do so at a time of their choosing and take as much time as they need to respond.

Any limits are connected to the respondent’s failure to engage with the interviewer and exchange with the respondent and the risk of dropping out of the survey without having first completed the interview. Furthermore, even though there are no geographical target limits, those who are not familiar with computers and technology are excluded.

All you need to know about CATI and CAWI interviews

CATI and CAWI surveys are addressed to all those who need quantitative, statistically significant and objectively valid data.

The data collected in this way allow companies to have a solid basis on which to make evaluations and decisions regarding market competition strategies (positioning, pricing, channel), product range and assortment depth and their own (or the competitors’) target in relation to their satisfaction, needs and requirements.

Thanks to our CATI centre partners, equipped with several operational units – which can be expanded and adapted according to different needs – we offer comprehensive support in the design and development of the questionnaire, the carrying out of telephone interviews, and the extraction and processing of the acquired data. Through this methodology, we conduct telephone interviews of high quality and accuracy, guaranteeing the absence of administration errors. At all times during the survey, we provide statistics and progress reports in total transparency. Thanks to international partners, we can also conduct several CATI projects at the same time, anywhere in the world and in the main languages.

Through a CAWI survey we may reach general audiences (i.e. inhabitants of a country in Europe or the World, employees of a company, etc.) but also, through online panels, more specific groups or with certain prerequisites (i.e. owners of a certain product/item, with special family or health conditions). We provide support at all stages of survey development, from drafting the questionnaire, defining and reaching the chosen target, to sending out the link and collecting data, which takes place throughout the fieldwork period in real time. We strive to provide timely updates and continuously monitor quotas where applicable. Finally, we can also take care of the analysis and presentation of data as required.

CATIs and CAWIs are quantitative surveys that may result essential for a company’s multiple needs. Their merit is to have the solidity of numerical data, the reliability of the statistical analysis, the representativeness of a target that allows forecasts for a broader view of the phenomenon and even effectiveness and efficiency connected with their administration and data collection method.

Through a CATI or a CAWI companies may:

  • Investigate their customers’ satisfaction about a specific product or service (Customer Satisfaction Study);
  • obtain feedback on the customer care service of the company;
  • evaluate the launch of a new product/service;
  • test the value/concept proposition of a product;
  • evaluate the value for money of products and services;
  • do the analysis of competitors and understand the competitors’ positioning in the market;
  • do the analysis of distribution channels;
  • investigate aspects regarding their own communication (copy test);
  • etc.

Thanks to international partners we may carry out the same CATI or CAWI simultaneously, everywhere and in the world’s major languages.