In-Home Interviews

In-Home interviews, or “home” interviews, are interviews carried out reaching the respondents at their place of work or residence.

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How does the In-Home Interview Service Works

In-Home interviews are a survey methodology that involves reaching the respondent at his/her place of residence. Indeed, an important part of such type of survey is the possibility to observe the respondent in his/her context of reference, be it their home or place of work. In fact, from the observation of their context of belonging some insights may be obtained that enrich the dialogue between respondent and interviewer or supplement the overall analysis that the interviewer must carry out.

Such interviews are led by professional interviewers who follow a structured questionnaire as well as having the task of collecting context information relevant to the purposes of the survey.

In-Home interviews are particularly suitable for Product Tests, i.e. product tests aimed at assessing how consumers can use them. Indeed, samples of products are given to the respondents who then have the chance to use them in their own home or reference environment for a certain period. At the end of the survey the samples may even be collected for specific product post-use evaluations.

In-Home interviews may also be the best solution when the respondent has difficulty travelling for personal, health or work reasons, or when the work context itself is part of the survey.

Everything you need to know about In-Home Interviews

In-Home interviews are suitable for all those companies that need to test their products to understand their mode of consumption and use by the target of actual and potential consumers, for further product development or new launch on the market.

Companies may be actors in the large-scale retail sector (manufacturers of consumer goods) but also producers of large and small electrical appliances.

Furthermore, they are also suitable for medical/pharmaceutical/chemical companies that need to investigate their target in its context of reference, either because they are patients with difficulty travelling or because they are doctors/specialists to be specifically interviewed in the workplace (hospital, department, laboratory, etc.)

Finally, the possibility to reach respondents in their workplace makes these surveys suitable for companies with a B2B target that must interview medium or high-profile professionals who for logistical or organisational reasons are easier to reach in their own context.

Thanks to these field interviews, we reach respondents, customers, prospects directly at their homes, work or meeting places, giving us the opportunity to contact complex or hard-to-reach targets such as high-level professionals, doctors, but also people with health problems or family situations that do not allow them to be away from home. This allows us to put the respondent at ease and to observe him/her in their living or work environment, which may itself be an object of study (such as doctors in their surgeries, patients in their homes, etc.).

This methodology also has an additional value in that, if required, it allows us to take products directly into the customers’ or potential customers’ homes. In this way, we allow respondents to place the product within their daily routine and we may observe their most authentic habits of use and consumption. The interviews are conducted by our experienced interviewers who observe the gestures and context of the respondents and, through targeted questions and prompts, shed light on the more unconscious and automatic aspects hidden behind them, thus being able to grasp their motivations, values and meanings. In this way we can help to better understand the context of use of products or services, to define in detail the lifestyles of customers, to identify potential areas of intervention to better meet their specific needs.

In-Home interviews are a possible Product Test method allowing to investigate one or more products at the respondent’s home, so as to allow respondents to use the product according to their normal habits of preparation and consumption. This enables to obtain useful insights for the development of new products or to renew current ones. Whether investigating a new cooking tool, a cleaning product or a food product, in-home interviews are often the perfect methodology.

The in-home survey may in some cases require that participants use the product as part of their normal routine. For example, if it is a food product the participants may be asked to open and cook the product as they would normally do while being asked follow-up and in-depth questions. The same could apply to an electrical appliance to verify methods and habits of use.

The objectives of in-home interviews may also be connected to the target’s workplace that may be as relevant to the survey as the answers provided by the respondent himself.

Thanks to our countrywide panel and our interviewers, we are able to reach the respondent anywhere in Italy.

Moreover, thanks to our established partners, we may also conduct in-home interviews in other European and non-European countries.