Our experience in the Healthcare field

We have an extensive database that allows us to quickly recruit opinion leaders from the medical and hospital sector, doctors specialising in different branches, patients with diseases (including rare ones), healthcare assistants and nursing staff.

We carry out specific research in different areas pertaining to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, over the counter and homeopathic medicines, disease treatment and prevention.

The Healthcare sector is a research stronghold and, for this reason, attracts high attention as well as undergoing continuous evolution.
We have the right tools to increase the competitive advantage of companies in a sector that not only requires cross-sectoral approaches but also targeted intervention strategies.

We can catch and enhance the points of view of the various persons involved in the surveys (doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, patients…) and process them jointly in order to obtain an overall view that is instrumental to the success of the activity.

The research methodologies that best suit the Healthcare field

We apply methodologies such as CAWI Interviews, In-Depth Telephone Interviews, Online or Face-to-Face Interviews, Focus Groups (even online) and Bulletin Boards.