Our experience in the Automotive field

In the Automotive sector we use a flexible and multi-channel approach; customers are offered the chance to monitor the service offered by their sales network and by that of their competitors and suggestions are given to improve speed, accuracy and impact of the business strategy.
Our main objective is to provide customers with all the necessary data to understand the positioning of their brand within the market and to offer useful advice for them to apply new marketing strategies.

The services proposed in the Automotive field suit to different types of evaluation: from monitoring the popularity of a car, to measuring the success of a marketing campaign; from identifying the strong points and possible critical issues of each retailer, to analysing the level of customer loyalty.

Purpose of these survey is to provide precise indications on how to intervene in the workflow with sales staff.

Indeed, it is essential to remember that the user experience in a car dealership/workshop is strongly connected with the satisfaction level of the interaction with the company. Therefore, the higher the quality of the experience (customer experience) the greater the satisfaction (customer satisfaction).

A high degree of customer satisfaction is the key to stand out in the automotive market and consequently generate a competitive advantage.

The quality output guaranteed by market surveys in terms of ROI (Return On Investments) is pushing more and more companies in the automotive sector to rely on cutting-edge institutions operating in the sector.

With its services, KIK. aims at collecting valuable information on the customer experience in a car dealership/workshop, drafting detailed reports about the brand’s strengths and implementation areas and monitoring the management of requests and relations with customers.

The research methodologies that best suit the Automotive field

The most used methodologies in the Automotive sector (for both Sales and Aftersales activities) include Mystery Shopping, Audits, Online Interviews, Focus Groups, Car Clinics and Ethnographic research. In mystery visits – particularly those developed in the Sales area – it is good practice to ask shoppers to test drive a car, in order to analyse the sales experience in its entirety.

Competitiveness in the automotive market is very high, therefore we consider it essential to identify for each activity the methodology that best suits the research objectives and the one that is best suited to meet the challenges of this industry.