Bulletin Board

A Bulletin board is a qualitative survey in which participants take part in an online forum on specific, pre-defined topics.

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How do Bulletin Board services work

In a Bulletin Board one starts from selecting the participants, who are sourced and involved in the forum in compliance with specific criteria that depend on the survey topic.

The moderator, every day and for a variable period (from 3 days up to even 30 days) according to the research needs, asks questions to the participants and interacts with them – even individually – to prompt feedback or supplement their answer. Participants may even be required to perform tasks such as share photo, upload a video, etc. As an alternative, the Bulletin Board may take the form of a diary where each day respondents must tell, describe something specifically requested.

The Bulletin Board triggers a dynamic exchange between all individuals involved in the survey. Indeed, the comments posted and published are visible to anyone, the interaction of respondents may occur both with the moderator and with other participants. The content posted and shared can also be edited and integrated at any time.

Furthermore, participation in the Bulletin Board is asynchronous, which allows respondents to reply when they are free and at ease.

The Bulletin Board uses software that also gives the moderator and/or client the possibility to access even partial results of the discussion and download transcripts at any time

Everything you need to know about Bulletin Boards

The Bulletin Board is suitable when a company needs to reach a very large and geographically spread target of interest in different areas and regions in Italy and around the world (thus with different time zones) or when the respondents are business-to-business professionals who are difficult to reach and therefore may not have the time for an individual and/or group interview of 1 or 2 hours, but can instead manage the survey themselves through small free slots in their working day.

The advantage of the Bulletin Board is the asynchronous mode, which grants respondents flexibility in the timing of their response (whether due to work or personal needs or to different geographical locations). Moreover, the possibility of involving a large group of participants in a timely and cost-effective manner, collecting a significant amount of evidence and going in-depth on the subject under investigation is no less important.

We put you in direct contact with customers and prospects via online platforms for sharing and interaction. Through the management of our experienced moderators you will be able to submit to carefully and properly selected respondents sets of relevant questions and investigate them in detail also with multimedia prompts of various kinds (i.e. images, videos, links).

Since they do not take place in real time, bulletin boards provide participants with flexible response modes and times, which can thus be better adapted to their daily availability. Furthermore, these virtual groups allow the involvement and exchange of a larger number of people even located in different geographical areas of Italy, Europe, the World.

By implementing this effective method, we deliver in-depth and detailed knowledge of your audience’s behaviour and needs even over a long period of time.

The Bulletin Board allows to collect in-depth feedback typical of qualitative market research by using and relying on virtual resources, which makes participation more flexible for respondents and offers significant time and cost optimisation.
The asynchronous mode gives respondents flexibility in their response times, and the possibility of involving a large number of participants makes the collected data meaningful and exhaustive.

Through a Bulletin Board it is possible to investigate and explore habits, attitudes, usage patterns of consumers or the target of interest.
Furthermore, it allows to investigate and evaluate new product ideas or advertising and communication campaigns, as well as to deepen customers’ perceptions and appreciation of what is currently on the market, also in comparison with competitors.

The possibility of sharing (by moderators but also by respondents) visual inputs, images, videos may give rise to a sharing of creative and inspiring insights for companies seeking to renew their offer or their commercial and/or communication proposal.

Besides Italy, we can involve participants from all over Europe and the World in Bulletin Boards.
We handle Bulletin Boards with professional moderators who speak in all major languages and can reflect and respect the standards and methods of different cultures.